Wealth Accumulation


While debt (borrowing money) can be used toward productive purposes like investing or growing your business, it typically provides no benefit once you are retired. Therefore the aim should be to eliminate all outstanding debt well before retirement. The non tax-deductible type (personal loans, home loan) should be the first to go.

This can involve creating tax-deductible debt (good debt) by acquiring investment assets that have minimal impact on your overall personal cash flow, therefore converting bad debt into good debt.

Some of the Debt Reduction Strategies our specialist advisors may recommend are:

  • Pay more than the minimum requirement on loans
  • Pay off high interest debt first
  • Review, re-finance and/or re-negotiate your loans
  • Pay out debt using your existing savings
  • Reduce and preferably pay off altogether your credit card balance
  • Consolidate your loans to reduce applicable interest rates

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