Retirement Planning


At AAS we treat our clients’ money as if it were our own, therefore placing the utmost importance on tailoring each investment strategy and portfolio to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

Our specialist advisers will assist you in evaluating your financial goals and lifestyle objectives, and deliver the right investment strategy for your age, personal circumstances and risk acceptance.

A successful Investment Plan begins with the right investment strategy for each individual, and is then followed by suitable investment instruments which are evaluated for their appropriate level of liquidity, risk and return.

Liquidity – is how easily an investment can be converted to cash.

Risk – (often referred to as Volatility) is a term that refers to the unpredictable upward and downward shifts of investment values over a period of time. The greater the volatility, the more frequent the shifts.

Return – Risk and Return are closely related. In general, the higher the degree of risk associated with an investment, the higher the return required by investors for acceptance of the risk. Low risk investments, such as cash deposits, offer relatively low returns as a reflection of their greater security, and are better suited to risk conservative investors. This is called the risk/return trade-off, and is used as a guide to selecting the appropriate asset allocation for your portfolio.

Our Investment Planning aims to meet your needs and goals, and we appreciate no two investors are the same. Therefore we consider a range of factors when constructing your investment strategy and plan:

  • Need for capital preservation;
  • Projection of returns for each investment;
  • Taxation situation and strategies;
  • Draw down requirements on capital;
  • Income requirements.

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