Life Stages

Advice for every stage in life

No two financial plans are the same, especially taking into account different stages of life.

A person in their 30s will need very different advice from a person in their 60s.

Young to mid-life 20 - 40

You are establishing and building your career and perhaps starting a family.

  • You may be looking at:
  • getting married
  • first home
  • having children
  • income protection
  • debt management
  • family healthcare
  • business planning

Mid-life 40 - 50

This is your consolidation stage – achieving a comfortable lifestyle and thinking about managing your long-term future.

  • You're likely to focus on:
  • protection of lifestyle
  • healthcare
  • investments
  • tax management
  • inheritance
  • retirement planning
  • long-term care planning

Pre-retirement 50 – 60

With 20 or more years of retirement ahead of you, your priorities will depend on how well you’ve prepared.

  • Your main concerns may be:
  • protection of assets
  • debt elimination
  • family healthcare
  • helping your children
  • retirement planning
  • wills and trusts
  • business exit strategy

Retirement 65 +

This is the time to indulge in hobbies or travel, enjoy your family and prepare for transferring your wealth.

  • You may be thinking of:
  • protection of assets
  • healthcare
  • aged care planning
  • inheritance tax mitigation
  • gifting to family
  • preserving your capital
  • estate planning
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