Retirement Planning


To ensure an optimal investment risk, and investigate whether your required retirement income is attainable, Pre-Retirement strategies are advised.

Some of the areas to be addressed in Pre-Retirement planning are:

  • Developing a Financial Road Map that is reviewed yearly until retirement is started.
  • Ensure any new legislations or changes are utilised to your full advantage.
  • Review and possibly reduce personal insurances where appropriate.
  • Assess and restructure Borrowing levels and strategies as you approach retirement.
  • Plan a Transition to Retirement strategy.

Prior to retiring, you can access some of your super through a tax effective strategy known as Transition to Retirement. This strategy may help you get used to the idea of retirement, or you can use this strategy as a way to boost your superannuation balance.

You should, however, always seek advice about when to access your superannuation, and how to do it, as this can make a significant difference to how long your retirement funds will last.

It is also important to obtain advice and assistance before withdrawing your superannuation funds, as it may not be reversible, resulting in you paying more tax than necessary.

Other considerations in Pre-Retirement planning may be Salary Sacrificing and or spouse superannuation contributions splitting.

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